Lodge of Opportunity no. 9777 Badge

The badge has been designed to represent the link between Freemasonry and The Masonic Fishing Charity.

In the centre is the logo of the charity, showing a leaping fish against a blue sky and a sun indicating that the charity brings happier times to those less fortunate than ourselves by introducing them to the sport of fishing. The initials of the club ‘MTSFC’ emphasizes the Lodge’s connection with the charity, where the founders of the Lodge came from and the intention of the lodge to promote the work of the charity in Masonic circles.

Over the badge is the slogan ‘In the Face of Adversity’, which has been modified from the charity’s original slogan, ‘Fishing In The Face of Adversity’, to indicate that the Lodge will work in bringing ‘Opportunities’ to all those who may be in need.

This is surrounded by arched trout fishing rods with the lines suspending the Masonic logo representing the roots of the charity and the lodge which came from a group of Masonic fly fishermen who formulated the concept of bringing an interactive fishing and countryside experience to those with ‘Special Needs’.


The Banner

The Lodge Badge has been incorporated into the Lodge Banner in full and has been further embellished with two side panels.

The one on the left shows a record of all the Provinces that have actively taken part in running charity events. The right hand panel bears the names of the Patron and the Past Presidents and current ones of the charity. Thus the banner further establishes the link between the charity and the Lodge of Opportunity and as it is updated will mark the progress of the Lodge and the charity.