by Jocelyne  01 Dec 2015 - 16:13 GMT

Some elves got lost last November when they were visiting the U.K. on a mission from Santa.


Because the weather was too mild they got dizzy and went into hiding, when they woke up they were found strolling on the road looking dazed, our reporter relates their story and do not worry because thanks to all the MTSFC’s volunteers the elves were able to return safely to North Pole, just in time to finish the toys’ production and pack things neatly for delivery inside Santa’s sledge.

Here is their story:
Their mission was to organise a Christmas themed fishing day: volunteers from the Devon Branch of the Masonic Fishing Charity provided an Christmas themed festive fishing day for girls and boys from an Exeter based school at the Town Parks Coarse Fishery near Paignton.

The event which was sponsored by St George’s Lodge No. 112 was a huge success, and featured a festive lunch and a surprise visit by a team from the North Pole.
It concluded with every child being presented a medal and Certificate of Achievement by W Bro. Chris Elliot, Charity Steward of St George’s Lodge.


The early morning sky was dark and ominous looking but our hardy bunch of dedicated volunteers – suitably dressed in festive attire and fortified with coffee and bacon sandwiches - arrived to set up the venue and fishing kit in preparation for the advent of the guests. The children accompanied by their LSAs [Learning Support Assistants] were greeted on their arrival and after a safety brief, introduced to their caster-helpers for the day.

The guests and their intrepid caster-helpers then set out to stalk the denizens of the deep – mostly very small perch. Hooking the fish was not easy, however, and success required a considerable degree of concentration but every guest caught at least three fish with Luiza and Nigel winning the day with the biggest catch.

The weather and a need for warmth and sustenance brought proceedings to a halt and so the whole party decamped to the Totnes Masonic Hall (very kindly organised by W Bros. David Kerswell & Robin Wills-Fleming) where everyone enjoyed a hot meal of burger and chips set against the backdrop of festive tinsel and lights.

The children were then treated to a surprise visit by Mrs Claus – Santa being unavailable because it was his Lodge night. The identity of Mrs Claus cannot be revealed due to a confidentiality agreement; however, Mrs Kay Mason was noticeable by her absence during the visit. Mrs Claus who was very ably assisted throughout by her splendidly dressed Elves (Mike Latham & Steve Hart) presented each child with a gift (including a Teddy very kindly provided by W Bro. John Adcock) and bid them a very Happy Christmas.

The children departed mid-afternoon having had, we hope, a pleasurable excursion.

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